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The pneumatic spray nozzles are nozzles that atomize liquid through high-speed flow of compressed air, and have excellent micronization properties. The liquid particles can even be smaller than 10μm.
Deliver high impact narrow fan even stream,big orifice can well avoid the blocking.
Applied to high impact cleaning,deckle cleaning,net side cleaning and disc pulp stripping.
Focusing on the continuous precision cold extrusion technology of hardware, it is a high-tech hardware manufacturing company specializing in solving the high cost, low efficiency and difficult processing in the industry. The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights and 12 domestic and international invention patents.
Products focus on optical communication, automotive sensors, industrial automation, precision medical equipment, aerospace industrial control hardware, military packaging hardware and consumer electronics essential hardware and other application fields. With leading technology, unique innovation and modern process management, the company provides highly competitive products and professional services to meet customer needs.
Adjustable-ball nozzle
Standard quick-connect spray nozzle assemblies:
-Nozzle body, spray tip, integral seal.
Three-piece design with the convenience of a quick-connect 1/4 turn installation and automatic spray alignment without the use of tools.
The high impact flat fan nozzle is featured with large unobstructed flow passage minimizing clogging, high impact spray pattern with narrow spray angle and sharply defined edges.

About US

Nine Sunsplus Systems Co., Ltd.

Nine Sunsplus Systems Co., Ltd.

An expert in manufacturing spray nozzles. Welcome to work together with us.
Our company’s technology and product performance have reached the world advanced standard. Moreover, it has been recognized by the same or relevant industry for the high quality of products and good reputation of Nine Sunplus Systems in the international and domestic market.



Improvement in performance of spiral full cone nozzle with the smallest flow.

2020 09.01

To produce a much better performance about spiral full cone nozzle with a smallest flow by improving production technology.


How to avoid insert material falling out

2019 12.20

how to avoid insert material falling out? put it in a small plate first, and then punch the plate into the body of the nozzle


new design of the shower nozzle

2019 12.05

new design of our shower nozzle is to make it easier to remove or replace the nozzles

Contact US

  • Name: Ben Chow
  • E-Mail: sales06@ninesunplus.com
  • Mobile phone: 18922985818
  • Wechat: xuhaixin068758
  • TEL: 0769-23024218
  • Name: Ben Chow
  • E-Mail: sales06@ninesunplus.com
  • Mobile phone: 18922985818
  • Wechat: xuhaixin068758
  • TEL: 0769-23024218
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