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The flat fan nozzle is characterized by a high-impact liquid column flow.Uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates and pressure.Precision engineered for dependable,assurate control of deflection and spray angle.

The flat fan nozzle is an important component in the high-pressure cleaning equipment. Under the action of high pressure, the fan-shaped nozzle has a great impact force. Under the impact of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly cleaned. The fan-shaped nozzle requires only a small amount of water to clean any surface, which can save a lot of water resources and meet the requirements of modern industry for energy saving and environmental protection.


Flow rate: 0.39-350 lpm at 3bar
Material: stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), brass , PVDF, PP, etc.

  • Srandard Spray
  • Wide Angle Spray
  • Narrow Angle Spray
  • High Impact Spray
  • High pressure Spray

Metal processing cleaning
Spray coating
Car wahshing
Agricultural product cleaning
Spraying and cooling applications in food, steel, paper and other industries
Dust control
Fire prevention

Model NO. NS3711, NS3712, NS3713...
Model NO. NS3774, NS3776
Model NO. NS38551
Model NO. NS3951, NS39592

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