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Full cone nozzle
I. Introduction

Full cone nozzle refers to a spray nozzle that produces a solid conical spray shape. It produces a uniform spray distribution with medium to large droplet sizes in a wide range of flow rates and pressures, which is derived from the unique vane design, large, unobstructed passages and advanced jet flow control. This nozzle is extremely effective for jet applications that require a complete coverage of an area.

It has been widely used in surface treatment, electronics, chemical, environmental protection, steel, automotive and other industrial production fields, playing an extremely important role in improving product quality and production efficiency.

II. Features

Ultimate anti-clogging design, maximum free passage available

High energy efficiency

Easy to handle dirty, lumpy liquids

Male/female connections and flange connection available

High reliability spray performance

III. Technical Data

Spray Pattern: Round or square impact area

Spray Angle: 17⁰ to 170⁰ (can be customized)

Connections: 1/8” to 12” (male and female NPT and BSPT); flange

Flow Rate Range: .05 to 8728 gpm (.19 to 32,530 lpm)

Material: Brass, 303SS, 316SS, Teflon etc.

IV. Application

Spraying Purpose: Surface spraying, Spraying over packings, Spraying onto mats in air washers etc.

Cooling Purpose: Cooling of gaseous fluids and solids etc.

Cleaning and Washing Process: Gas cleaning, components cleaning, container cleaning etc.

Dust Control



Foam dealing

Paper&pulp treatment

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