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Design features:

Soild stream nozzle widely apply in cutting and cleaning. With precise cutting edge, clean and other feasures.In different stress situations can travel straight needle column of fiuld flow.The filter and insert design increases nozzle using life, greatly reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  • Double trim squirt nozzles
  • Single trim squirt nozzles
  • Soild stream shower nozzles
  • Soild stream HP nozzles

Material: stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), brass

Insert material: Tungsten carbide,ruby,ceramic

Orifice: 0.3-3.2mm

Screen: 50, 80, 100, 200 mesh

Thread: 1/8''NPT/BSPT, M10x0.75, 3/8''NPT/BSPT


Paper triming

Timber cutting

Precise componebts cleaning

Long-grid high-pressure swing cleaning

High-pressure swing cleaning of blankets

Model NO.: NS2561
Model NO.: NS1921, NS1923
Model NO.: NS2589, NS2589T
Model NO.: NS1912, NS1914, NS1913...
Model NO.: NS2539, NS2541...
Model NO.: NS2531, NS2534...