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Hollow cone nozzle
I. Introduction

Hollow cone spray is a ring-shaped pattern, which made of heavy concentration droplets around the edge of the spray cone.

The main advantage of hollow cone nozzles is that they can produce the smallest droplet size, giving the spray a unobstructed passages.

These nozzles are normally used for gas washing, gas cooling, dust control, metal treating, chemical reaction treating, etc.

II. Features

◎Ultimate anti-clogging design, maximum free passage available

◎High energy efficiency

◎Easy to handle dirty, lumpy liquids

◎Male/female connections and flange connection available

◎High reliability spray performance

III. Technical Data

◎Spray Pattern: hollow cone with circular impact area

◎Spray Angle: 43⁰ to 180⁰ (can be customized)

◎Connections: 1/8” to 6” (male and female NPT and BSPT); flange

◎Flow Rate Range: .05 to 3320 gpm (.19 to 12,568 lpm)

◎Material: Brass, 303SS, 316SS etc. (wide choice)

IV. Application

◎​​​​Spraying Purpose

◎​​​Cooling Purpose

◎​​​​​Cleaning and Washing Process

Dust Control



Foam dealing



Paper&pulp treatment: waste paper cleaning

Model NO.: NS4511
Model NO.: NS1717
Model NO.: NS42732
Model NO.: NS1852
Model NO.: NS42752
Model NO.: NS1885