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The flat fan nozzle is characterized by a high-impact liquid column flow.Uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates and pressure.Precision engineered for dependable,assurate control of deflection and spray angle.

The flat fan nozzle is an important component in the high-pressure cleaning equipment. Under the action of high pressure, the fan-shaped nozzle has a great impact force. Under the impact of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly cleaned. The fan-shaped nozzle requires only a small amount of water to clean any surface, which can save a lot of water resources and meet the requirements of modern industry for energy saving and environmental protection.


Flow rate: 0.39-350 lpm at 3bar
Material: stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), brass , PVDF, PP, etc.

  • Srandard Spray
  • Wide Angle Spray
  • Narrow Angle Spray
  • High Impact Spray
  • High pressure Spray

Metal processing cleaning
Spray coating
Car wahshing
Agricultural product cleaning
Spraying and cooling applications in food, steel, paper and other industries
Dust control
Fire prevention

Model NO.: NS3711, NS3712, NS3713...
Model NO.: NS3774, NS3776
Model NO.: NS38551
Model NO.: NS3951, NS39592

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