Nozzle applications in the paper industry

(1) defoaming nozzle: coating the foam in the pulp, using hollow cone nozzle, silicon carbide crucible, spiral nozzle.

(2) Cut paper edge with water needle nozzle: that is, needle nozzle, the nozzle is required to work under high pressure conditions, to inlay ceramic or high alloy.

(3) The nozzle for cleaning the mesh cage wool cloth: usually with needle nozzle and fan nozzle, self-cleaning nozzle.

(4) coating nozzle: silicon carbide spitfire nozzle, that is, the surface coating of paper, used in the coating machine, atomizing nozzle.

(5) Pulping nozzles: narrow angle nozzles are used.

(6) Paper net washing: With the increase in paper machine speed and width, making the use of polyester forming nets more widespread, while putting forward higher requirements for the quality of polyester net washing. The use of nozzles to do paper net washing can extend the life of polyester nets, textile paste nets, the use of nozzles to remove impurities in secondary fibre recovery, the use of nozzles to prevent paper nets from being contaminated in the closed circulation system of white water.

(7) cleaning blanket: use a good high-pressure spray line is to achieve efficient washing effective measures, practice has proved that during the operation of the paper machine using 1.0-1.5MPa pressure for continuous spraying, you can achieve the purpose of effective washing, and the surface of the blanket fleece will not produce damage, the high-pressure spray hose moving amplitude and moving speed must also be reasonably adjusted, otherwise it will occur spraying overlap or omission, and Otherwise there will be overlapping or missing spraying, which will affect the quality of production. Washing is generally fan-shaped nozzle, fan-shaped nozzle punching point position is best selected in the dynamic rotation of the guide roller next to, not in the tension roller, and directly flush the running surface.

(8) Cutting edge water needle.

(9) Humidification in paper converters.

(10) Starch coating.

(11) Defoaming of the headbox.

(12) Cleaning of vacuum suction rolls on long-web machines.